Getting help

Where can I go to get help?

  •  A counsellor at a Centre Against Sexual Assault 1800 806 292.
  • Your GP who can refer you to a psychologist or social worker who knows how to work with people who have experienced sexual assault.
  • 1800 RESPECT – National sexual assault number with chat facilities on their website.
  • Knowmore offers free legal to people who are considering telling their story or providing information to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
  • The Broken Rites victim support group helps victims of church-related sexual abuse in Australia.


What happens if I talk to a CASA?

If you wish to be contacted by a CASA worker, you will be contacted by a female counsellor specially trained in the area of sexual assault. The counsellor will offer support and information and help you explore your feelings, concerns and options.

You can receive information in relation to medical and legal services and discuss what you might like to do. The counsellor will be able to arrange an appointment for you at the nearest CASA.

This meeting will take place at a safe place. In some areas this will be in a hospital Emergency Department. The following will be available to you:

  • emotional crisis support
  • information about medical and legal rights
  • appointments for future counselling
  • members of a Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team if you wish to have them contacted
  • a forensic medical examination
  • a support person such as a friend, relative or counsellor
  • you can request to be seen by a male counsellor if you choose

Support groups

  • Eastern CASA (17 Ware Crescent Ringwood East) is running an ongoing men's group which is meeting monthly on a Tuesday evening (normally the third Tuesday ) - inquiries to Ross Wall or Prudence McCulloch on 9870 7310.
  • South Eastern CASA (11 Chester Street East Bentleigh) is running an ongoing men's group on a Wednesday night - inquiries to Donovan on 9928 8741.